Our Mission

At Next Gen Apps, we believe businesses of all sizes should have access to affordable software solutions designed to stimulate growth and revenue. Technology should not be an expensive burden that makes opening a small business more difficult than it needs to be. Our philosophy is simply "If you are not successful with our products, then we should not make any money." This is why we offer simple customer loyalty apps free for 30 days for very small businesses. If your small business is successful with our product, keep it for $249.99 per year. We do not believe in high app fees; we simply believe in providing simple, elegant, and affordable software for small businesses.

Our Team

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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Eric Poole

Head of Engineering

I am the lead developer of the Next Gen Apps platform with a decade of full stack programming and development experience. My most recent apps are in use by 10,000 businesses around the world with 30,000 average monthly users.

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Danielle Spellman

Director of Strategic Partnerships

I am the head of Stategic Partnerships with a background in communications and marketing. I'm in charge of our Chamber Member Apps outreach program dedicated to finding partners who will benefit most from Next Gen Apps products.

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Luke Walden

Manager of Data & Integrations

I am the manager of Data & Integrations with a background in logistics and customer experience. I make sure all of the resources your business already has online (social media, reviews, menus, etc.) pair seamlessly with your next gen app.

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Tara Robert

Product Manager | User Experience

I am the product manager of user experience. I've been designing "more human" software experiences for over ten years and am charged with ensuring all Next Gen Apps products are easy to pick up and understand with little to no training.

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Katherine Wick

Director of Customer Experience

I am the director of customer success at Next Gen Apps with 7 years of experience supporting software customers. I manage all existing customer relations channels and ensure every Next Gen Apps customer is satisfied and successful with our products.

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Justin Cook

Head of Finance

I am the head of finance and revenue growth. I make sure Next Gen Apps can continue to provide the most affordable business app software to as many customers as possible via intelligent, dynamic resource and budget management.

Our Origin Story

Hi, my name is Eric Poole and I am currently the lead developer at Next Gen Apps. I was born in south Georgia and grew up in the Tallahassee, Florida area during the 90s. In 2007 I left to study Software Engineering in Atlanta, GA. After college, I returned to Florida and spent an 18 month spring break in Panama City Beach. I found my loving, beautiful wife and soon after moved to Tallahassee together to further our careers.

However, Tallahassee was not what I remembered.

I accepted the first job I could find at an app reseller startup located in a strip mall above a sushi restaurant. I initially thought I had landed a dream job providing valuable software to my community but quickly realized we were profiting off of small businesses without contributing to their growth. The product we were reselling was expensive and ineffective.

I knew this was not how software should work. I believed software should be simple, affordable, and effective. So after some encouragement from my wife, we packed our two cats and drove to Southern California. I was fortunate to make friends quickly and joined a small team in a corner office at the Google campus in Irvine. We met while working for a New York based software company providing affordable software to salons, spas, and yoga studios but our spare time was spent soaking up anything we could learn about the Google Business Model. On lunch breaks, afternoons, and weekends we began developing the Next Gen App platform. After 3 years, an embarassing amount of coffee, and overcoming our fear of failure, we were eventually successful.

In 2017 we published our own system for providing small businesses with significantly more affordable iPhone and Android apps. In 2018, our system is now thoroughly tested by a pilot group of Orange County, California small businesses and is finally ready to foster small business growth.

I am Eric Poole, the lead developer of the Next Gen Apps platform, and it would be my pleasure to provide your small business with an iPhone and Android app, 100% for free for 30 days, then only $249.99 per year.

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